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Foxbell Fashion Zista At Orthanc (Dogs Vic pending) - Tricolour Collie (Smooth) - 27/09/2020

Sire: Ch. Foxbell You Fetchem At Orthanc  / Dam: BISS Ch. Foxbell Fashion Xtra

Zandee is from Mackie’s second litter and Xee’s first.  She’s a bold, bouncy and fast little pup, who I hope has inherited some of the working drive that her sire and grandsire (Ren) have demonstrated.

As we wait for dog shows to resume, we’ll focus on her basic manners and socialisation to all the world presents.

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FUN FACTS - Zandee is from the Foxbell ‘Z’ litter.  Zandee is a derivative of Zandi, which means protector of man.

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