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Champion Foxbell First Romance CD RE HNAs - Sable & White Collie (Smooth) - 18/12/2010

Sire: Ch. Carluke By Design / Dam: Ch. Foxbell First Kiss

Link to Rens pedigree

Ren has been entrusted to me by Janice Cook of Foxbell Smooth Collies and I’m very grateful to her for this honour.

Ren has so far exceeded all my expectations.  At three months old he gave me great hope with his instinct on sheep, being keen as mustard and incredibly bold.  He has spent quite a bit of time on sheep since then, absorbing all of my requests and showing a load of talent.  He’s a very quiet and calm worker and the stock appreciate his polite style.  Ren is the first Collie (Rough or Smooth) in Australia to gain the title of Herding Novice A course sheep.  He is now being prepared for Intermediate A Course and Started B Course on sheep.

I allowed Ren to mature a little before upping the ante in his obedience training, as unlike Bronte, he has relished his life as a puppy.  In fact I think he’ll always be a puppy at heart.  That being said, when he’s working he does have fabulous focus and a true desire to please. Ren completed his Community Companion Dog (CCD) title, gaining his final pass at the 11th National Collie Show and Restricted Obedience Trial in September 2012 at the age of 20 months, and in December 2014 he gained the final pass for his CD (Novice) title.

Continuing his obedience skills, Ren also occasionally trials in Rally Obedience and completed his Rally Excellent title in July 2015. 

Not to limit his talents, Ren is also a successful show dog and attained his Champion title in March 2013.  I continue to show him, although lightly to accommodate his increasing dog sport commitments.

Ever my companion and at my feet, Ren is the most amazing dog with a winning personality.  He hasn’t had a grumpy day in his life so far, believing everyone and everything is an opportunity for amusement and play.  He is everything I believe a Collie should be and I hope in the future he has the opportunity to influence Australian bloodlines.

Ren’s first litter with Navi, T Ch Brafferton Night Navigator HSAs, was whelped in June 2015 resulting in seven very healthy and thriving puppies.  Some of the pups have already been exposed to herding and demonstrated a very keen interest.  Three pups are now out competing, two in Tracking and and one in Obedience and Raly O - all three are realising great results and titles already.

Ren’s second litter was with Verity, Ch Foxbell Very Finished HT, was whelped in August 2018, with eight lovely puppies born.  Three of these pups have entered the show ring, including Mackie, and all are now Champions (one being a NZ Champion and another a BIS winner).  Refer to Mackie’s page for more information on their successes.  The other pups in the litter went to pet homes and by all reports they have absolutely superb temperments.  They are all very much loved by their human folk, many of which we are still in regular contact with.

FUN FACTS - Ren is named after Kevin Bacon’s character in Footloose, Ren McCormack.  Ren is also Japanese for ‘lotus’ and ‘love or romance’.  Ren is from the Foxbell ‘R’ litter.

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