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Foxbell You Fetchem At Orthanc - Sable & White Collie (Smooth) - 10/08/2018

Sire: Ch. Foxbell First Romance CD RE HNAs  / Dam: Ch. Foxbell Very Finished HT

Mackie is the new addition to the Orthanc team, sired by Ren and out of the lovely Verity, owned by Janice Cook of Foxbell Smooth Collies.  While only tiny and very young just yet, he is provng to be a lovely blend of his parents.  A calm and confident puppy, with plenty of zest and curiosity for life.

When old enough Mackie start his show and spend some time on the circuit, while he grows, matures and learns basic manners.  When a he is old enough I will start to introduce him to some games in preparation for future herding and tracking.

FUN FACTS - Mackie is a family name, one of the middle names of my paternal grandfather.  Mac also means ’son’ in Scots Gaelic, quite appropriate for the son of Ren.  The name is also a hat tip to one of my favourite comedians, Lee Mack.  Mackie is from the Foxbell ‘Y’ litter.

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