ANKC Herding

I’m yet to experience anything that gives a working dog greater joy than actually engaging in the job it was originally developed to do.  As once described by a herding friend Louise McFarland, ‘its quite an emotional experience working your dog on livestock, demonstrating pure instinct and a true human/canine partnership.’  Its also the single most humbling experience for we handlers as the dog’s instinct highlights that for the most part, its us that need to significantly improve our stock reading skills, so as to be more effective in supporting the dog to do its job.

The ANKC Herding Community is small in Australia but is full of like minded people who are giving it a go for the love of their dog.  They are a welcoming group and every trial feels like a reunion of old friends rather than a competition. As a committee member of the Victoria Herding Association, I can only encourage Collie owners or enthusiasts to give this sport a go.

        © Shelley Donald 2014